It’s summer, the wheather is nice, it’s BBQ time! With a good piece of meat, fresh salads and of course an ice cold beer. How can you convince the consumer in a supermarket to purchase Jupiler beer during BBQ season?

BBQ apron

With a personalized Jupiler gift. Like a custom made BBQ apron with your name printed on it. Or the name of your partner, friend or family member. So you can proudly wear your apron at the family BBQ that weekend!


PSfm activated this promotion. We took care of the production of the materials, the merchandising, the cheerful staff in the stores and placing and retrieving all the display materials. The team is specially trained in customizing the aprons. And to tell about Jupiler and how consumers have the chance of winning a special Jupiler BBQ.  The team was in more than 30 Albert Heijn XL supermarkets and successfully promoted the sale of the Jupiler crates.

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