Instore Nespresso Experience

Case:Instore Nespresso Experience

A trendy barista dressed in all black, demonstrates with some simple smooth moves how a Nespresso machine works. A capsule goes into the stylish Nespresso machine and a minute later you are sipping from a soft cafe Lungo. It is very tempting to take the offer right now…

Nespresso Academy

At various locations as Media Markt, BCC and Expert, our specially trained baristas are in-store in a Nespresso booth. After they graduate our Nespresso Academy, they can provide shoppers a true coffee experience.


150 agents, 9,000 sales demos
With 150 Nespresso Experience Specialists, online daily reports and a flexible team of sales promoters, we giveĀ  9,000 demos per year. PSfm manages inventory and provides a flexible concept. Nespresso, what else?

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Case:Samsung instore demo’s

Samsung instore demo’s

A demo makes the difference...

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