Anta Flu & Napoleon

Case:Anta Flu & Napoleon

The famous candy! Anta Flu for your throat and fresh breath and Napoleon sweets, just because they taste so good. The introduction of the new mini sweets fits right up our alley.

Extra Points-of-Sale

For four weeks, we hit the road with two field marketers. With eight new points-of-sale a day, we created a successful Napoleon sweets avalanche. Rotterdam and Utrecht were the first to get the so called ‘PSfm City Attack’; no night shop, tobacco store or gas station was left out.


160 new points-of-sale now have the mini sweets on so-called second placement shelves. The consumer at the cash register is now immediately informed about the new minis.

More information?

Send Jeroen an E-mail: or call him directly +31 20 426 03 00
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