100% field marketing

Creating a brand experience between brands and people. And stimulate a corresponding purchasing behavior. That’s what we do. By letting consumers taste, smell, experience. Always with an encounter between consumer and product. In shops, at festivals or at the door.


And it works. It is field marketing in its purest form, but with the technology of today. Always with measurable results.

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100% field marketing

Brand Activation

We believe that brands grow in the field. By creating positive experiences between brands and people, we activate purchasing behavior.

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Achieve targets? Leave it to the experts. An experienced sales representative and a transparent story, that works. Sales without push, but with charm.

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An eye catcher sells better. PSfm creates innovative and creative visibility on location. Merchandising is our passion.

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PSfm is partner of EFMP

PSfm is the Dutch partner of EFMP

PSfm is the Dutch partner of European Field Marketing Partners. This cooperation makes it possible to implement field marketing projects across borders and to use the expertise of our local partners.

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Our clients

  • Samsung
  • Nescafé
  • Sonos
  • Pepsico
  • Nespresso
Kees Wolswinkel |</strong>   Managing Director

What we do? Field marketing in it's purest form. But with today's technology.

Kees Wolswinkel | Managing Director

Our Team

PSfm Kees Wolswinkel

Kees Wolswinkel

Managing Director
PSfm Jeroen Rijsdam

Jeroen Rijsdam

Commercial Director
PSfm Sandra Ploeg

Sandra Ploeg

HR Business Partner
PSfm Jan Julius van Hemert

Jan Julius van Hemert

Sales Manager
PSfm Onno de Looff

Onno de Looff

Operational Manager
PSfm Lodewijk Bailly

Lodewijk Bailly

Key Account Manager
PSfm Sandra Bollebakker

Sandra Bollebakker

Account Manager
PSfm Saskia Rijn

Saskia Rijn

Account Manager
PSfm Wim van Houten

Wim van Houten

Senior Account Manager
PSfm Robin ter Haar

Robin ter Haar

Project Manager
PSfm Nina van der Voort

Nina van der Voort

Project Manager
PSfm Sanne Hulshof

Sanne Hulshof

Project Manager
PSfm Nathalie Roerig

Nathalie Roerig

Project Manager
PSfm Irene Heijdemann

Irene Heijdemann

Office Manager
PSfm Mohamed Ibrahim

Mohamed Ibrahim

Field Trainer
PSfm Patrick van den Bergh

Patrick van den Bergh

Project Coordinator
PSfm Joy Weijel

Joy Weijel

Project Coordinator
PSfm Elzemieke Jongkoen

Elzemieke Jongkoen

Project Coordinator
PSfm Eva Zentveldt

Eva Zentveldt

Project Coordinator
PSfm Sander Grootendorst

Sander Grootendorst

Project Coordinator
PSfm Jeffrey Blackstone

Jeffrey Blackstone

Project Coordinator
PSfm Joyce Bakker

Joyce Bakker

Project Coordinator
PSfm Vincent Eijsbouts

Vincent Eijsbouts

Project Coordinator
PSfm Ellen Groen

Ellen Groen

Project Coördinator
PSfm Lukas Wiering

Lukas Wiering

Project Coördinator
PSfm Irma Groothuis

Irma Groothuis

Field Coach
PSfm Jeffrey Asamoah

Jeffrey Asamoah

Field Coach
PSfm Niles van Wijk

Niles van Wijk

PSfm Marius Maritz

Marius Maritz

IT Support
PSfm Nadieh Bolinde

Nadieh Bolinde

PSfm Elina Katalanc

Elina Katalanc

PSfm Miriam van der Neut

Miriam van der Neut

PSfm Gabrielle ter Beek

Gabrielle ter Beek

Case:Instore Nespresso sales demonstrations

Instore Nespresso sales demonstrations

Nespresso Academy...

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